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The last time that Saturn and Pluto conjoined in Capricorn was in 1518, 3 months after Martin Luther nailed his theses to the church door at Wittenberg and began the Protestant revolution against the transnational power of the day: the Catholic Church. 

Saturn and Capricorn both describe governments and the establishment, and Pluto describes a major power shift within that. So what are the equivalents today? 

The transnational power of today within Europe is firstly the EU, and Brexit formally took place a couple of weeks after the conjunction in January. So because of the astrology I think we have to read that event as pre-figuring a major shake-up of the EU and its power structures. I am stating this as a factual inference, not as a judgment in favour of or against the EU (it is very hard not to be taken as such these days.) This major shake-up will be reflected in Neptune's hard transit to the EU Angles, whic…


So what do you reckon, the Coronavirus will go epidemic around Mercury going Direct in Pisces on 16th March? And pandemic around Mercury conjoining Neptune in Pisces on 4th April? Whatever those terms mean... you probably get my drift.
The thought I was having this morning on Coronavirus was that it shows us just how much we are one world these days. The whole world - apart from 3rd world countries who have more important things to think about like the next meal - is plugged into this flu in a panicky kind of way, which is unfortunate, and it's easy to try and blame someone, like 'the media', but like most things, it is just collective consciousness at work, which is why I am not a conspiracist. 


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But like I say, it is showing us just how connected we all are nowadays, and it is good to feel that, because it is too easy to view our trade competitors like China as somewhat hostile and 'other'. We are all in this together, exaggerated as it may be, and this is something we can experience, and I think that is a good thing. And this is maybe a real globalisation, unlike the fake one we have had, which has just meant cheap labour in China for Apple and Dyson etc until the Philippines gets cheaper.