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The last time that Saturn and Pluto conjoined in Capricorn was in 1518, 3 months after Martin Luther nailed his theses to the church door at Wittenberg and began the Protestant revolution against the transnational power of the day: the Catholic Church. 

Saturn and Capricorn both describe governments and the establishment, and Pluto describes a major power shift within that. So what are the equivalents today? 

The transnational power of today within Europe is firstly the EU, and Brexit formally took place a couple of weeks after the conjunction in January. So because of the astrology I think we have to read that event as pre-figuring a major shake-up of the EU and its power structures. I am stating this as a factual inference, not as a judgment in favour of or against the EU (it is very hard not to be taken as such these days.) This major shake-up will be reflected in Neptune's hard transit to the EU Angles, whic…

Saturn-Pluto: Iran, the bushfires, Brexit and US-China relations

Quite a lot of people seem to have had the sense of major events in the offing, and this was before the current Iran thing. Any major event around now, because of its proximity to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on Sunday, needs to be seen as indicative of the nature of this new cycle. 

The conjunction is coming not long after a lunar eclipse (on 10 Jan) which Bernadette Brady describes as "The sudden ending of associations or a relationship...there is a large emotional component, as Pluto is involved, and a sense of traumatic transformation."
So the rewriting of the West's relationship to Iran could easily be in the offing. Iran has Uranus conjoining it's MC this year. Revolution. And the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is square to its natal Pluto, the final outcome of a long transit of Pluto to its Sun then to natal Pluto. The West could precipitate regime change in a way that works better than it did in Iraq, because Iran is not made up of 3 warring nations, and there is plenty of popular feeling against the current regime. It is the only way that might stop them attempting to build nuclear weapons, and this would be a significant outcome.

With the conjunction being in Capricorn, the re-setting of boundaries of all kinds seems likely, beginning at the top with the relationship between China and the US - in which Trump, to his credit, has already mitigated some of the unfairness in their trading relationship.
The Australian fires are also perhaps indicative that climate might move seriously onto the agenda, particularly if an era of co-operation between the US and China opens up in the aftermath of a major trade agreement. China is the worst polluter, but also in some ways the leader in alternative energy.


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Brexit is also a significant international event, and I think it points to a gradual revolution within the EU, the world's biggest economic bloc, that will set limits on its aspirations towards political union. This will be as Neptune hard-aspects the Angles of the EU chart in a few years time. And the lesson of Brexit for the world may be that you cannot produce genuine co-operation - which is much needed - by impinging on national sovereignty. It may turn out to have been timely.